Shift 4

Shift 4

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Well here it is guys. SHIFT 4 has been a relatively long time coming! This time, there’s even more to it! Not only can you play as the classic character, you play as ALL of the characters AT THE SAME TIME. Will you find your family and escape again? Or will you fall into the clutches of the dastardly experimenter. This time you’re on his territory - His MOON BASE! And not only can you escape, but you might even get the trophy this time, to the tune of a most excellent song written by myself and..EGORAPTOR! (Who also sings it along with Ciyfox!) To amazingly written music by...ONEY! This surely is a celeb filled lineup of epic proportions! Am I using too many exclamation marks!? That’s OK, because I’m exclaiming these things!

Shift Key Shift Mode
Arrow Keys Move
Space Bar Jump
#Other Games
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